Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health

Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health is made up of five (8) Community Mental Health agencies. Those agencies are:

Barry County Community Mental Health

Riverwood Center (Berrien County)

Pines Behavioral Health (Branch County)

Summit Pointe (Calhoun County)

Van Buren Community Mental Health

Woodlands Behavioral Health (Cass County)

Kalamazoo Community Mental Health

St Joseph County Community Mental Health

Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health will make sure that services are given to you based on your needs and goals and that they are within the guidelines of the State plan.

Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health makes sure that you have a say in how and what is given to you throughout your entire time that you are receiving services, in ways that you can understand. This includes people who are deaf and have a hard time hearing, those who are not able to read, and for those who do not use English as their chosen language.

Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health makes sure that the services that you need and want are available in places that are close to your home. Click here for the names and addresses of our network providers.

At Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health Behavioral Health we seek to fully support the recovery of the customer by providing the supports and services you need mixed with your own choices to help you achieve your goals and desires. Your provider will work with you to use the natural supports (like family and friends) around you plus provider services to give you a new sense of hope and the power to exercise choice and control over your own life.

We will make sure that:

  • You are only asked for information that is needed.
  • That people who don’t need to know about your information don’t get to see it.
  • The places where you get your services keep it private.
  • Information that is shared between providers is done in a way that is private.
  • There is a complaint policy for plan members that think a providers have not kept their information private.

Please read Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health’s Notice of Health Information Privacy Practices to learn more about how medical information about you may be used or given to others.

If you have questions and need to get in touch with us, you can call the customer Services Representative at your Community Mental Health Center, or write us at the following address, or call us weekdays, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Member Services
Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health
100 County Pine Lane
Battle Creek, MI 49015
Toll-free (888) 357-0016

Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health holds monthly meetings on the third Monday of each month called the Member Advisory Council (MAC) These Meetings Include customers spending time talking about items that effect their lives, and more importantly, the level of service they receive. If you want to have your voice heard, and make a lasting impact on how services are done, ask your local representative how you can take part in the MAC.