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Agency Philosophy

Mission Statement

Van Buren Community Mental health offers trauma informed prevention, assessment, crisis intervention, treatment and support services to help people meet their own chosen life, health, recovery, and work goals.

Philosophy Statement

Van Buren Community Mental Health believes in the value and dignity of the individual and maintains that the mental health of each individual enhances the quality of life of the entire community. As an agent of the state and the local community, Van Buren Community Mental Health has the responsibility of providing services that address the mental health needs of the county.  These services are to be provided in a manner, which upholds the value, dignity, and rights of each individual and understands the impact that traumatic events may have on a person’s well being.  Services are provided regardless of age, sex, race, creed, marital status, sexual preference, social status, or the ability to pay for services.

Agency Vision Statement

The CMH Services Board will strive to be the mental health agency of choice for all citizens of Van Buren County, characterized by trauma informed, accessible, acceptable, valued and effective services and will take a leadership role in achieving a healthy community, emphasizing wellness and prevention.


Statement of Organizational Values

We,  the staff and CMH Service Board, dedicate ourselves to the practice of compassionate, professional, culturally sensitive, and excellent care.  We are committed to understanding trauma and engaging in trauma-sensitive practices for our customers and ourselves.

We strive to work together as a team, and to communicate honestly and directly to create a broader, accepting, responsive community based on trust, respect, and equality.

We pledge accountability to one another and to the persons we serve, respecting their diversity, responding to their needs, and advocating for their enrichment.

In all we do, we endeavor to consistently create a positive and healing organization.


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