Employment Services

For Employers:

Employment Services of Van Buren Community Mental Health Authority assists adults with developmental disabilities/and or mental illness in reaching their occupational goals through skill development and supported employment.

Career Connections

Our supported employment program is committed to assisting local businesses in meeting their staffing needs. We have been providing businesses with skilled employees since 1989. Hiring employees through Career Connections makes good business sense.

Advantages to utilizing our services include:

  • Saving time and money when searching for employees.
  • A reduced turnover.
  • Helping businesses develop a motivated and diverse workforce.
  • Ongoing system of support to ensure greater job retention.
  • Job coaching is provided at no cost to the employer. A Career Connections staff
    will work with an employer to help train the employee and stay on site until the
    employee is efficient in completing their job requirements.
  • Career Connections provides ongoing support to the employer and employee for a long as needed or requested.
  • Career Connections may offer an “On the Job Evaluation” or “On the Job Training”for which the employee wages are paid through Michigan Rehabilitation Services(MRS) (number of hours varies depending on the skill level of the position).

Career Connections currently works with a variety of business in Southwest Michigan including: The Village of Lawrence, City of Bangor, Van Buren Intermediate School District, South Haven Public Schools, Pizza Hut, Autumn House, Wal-Mart, Menards, Meijer, McDonalds and many others.

For additional information contact us at our Bangor offices (269) 427-6640 and request the Career Connections program.

MTI Industry Enclaves

We have been serving businesses since 1970 in meeting their production and
packaging needs. We offer competitive pricing, quality assurance and fast turn around
to help meet the unique needs of each company that we contract with. Production
occurs at your production facility, using an enclave team. When an enclave is
requested, individuals with the skills and abilities to complete the job are trained and
supervised by one of our staff in conjunction with your specifications.

All production is supervised by our fully trained Employment Services Specialists who
provide quality control services to ensure that the finished product meets the
expectation of the business.

The advantages to working with MTI Industries include:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Avoid productivity losses incurred from unfilled positions
  • Free up skilled workers
  • Reduce turnover costs
  • Create more efficient work processes

Contact us at MTI Industries and let us find a solution to meet the unique needs of your business.

Saving Timbers

Our Saving Timbers program provides the opportunity for individuals to build skills through the production of handmade paper products.  The program makes use of a variety of donated items such as paper and flowers to create recycled greeting cards, invitations, hand bound books and other creative products.   This program provides individuals the opportunity to volunteer while increasing their skills by assisting in the process of creating handmade paper products, as well as in the product design and sales.  

For Customers

Our Employment Services programs, Career Connections and MTI Industries, are dedicated to assisting you with increasing your employment skills and obtaining community based employment. Our services are individualized using a Person Centered Planning (PCP) process which allows you to develop a treatment plan that is meaningful to you. Our staff works closely with you and your team (supports coordinator, therapist, case manager, family, and friends) to help you obtain and maintain employment that is of interest to you.

In order to work with one our Employment Service programs, you must first be receiving services from VBCMH, and then be referred to Employment Services.  When working with an Employment Services Specialist you will engage in skill building and job development services including, but not limited to: completing an employment profile, preparing a resume, researching potential employers, completing applications and participating in job exploration opportunities. Once obtaining employment Career Connections staff may assist you with job coaching(helping you learn the required job tasks) or by offering follow along supports (checking in with you or your employer regarding your success on the job). Employment Services Specialists are also available to help educate an employer regarding employment of persons with disabilities and/or mental illness and advocate for any accommodations your may require.

Career Connections frequently partners with other agencies such as Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS), Disability Network and the Bureau of the Blind to assist individuals in their pursuit for community based employment.  Career Connections will assist you with completing applications and meeting with external sources to determine whether you are eligible for additional services.

If you are interested in receiving Employment Services speak to your Supports Coordinator, Case Manager or Therapist.