Quality Improvement

VBCMHA Board Ends

Quality Improvement Mega End Statement

All people in Van Buren County will have access to public mental health services that support individuals with mental illness, emotional disturbance, and developmental disabilities.  People will have the supports and services necessary to be healthy, safe and successful.
Desired Outcomes for Children
There will be improved functioning in children and their families whose functioning is impaired by developmental disability or a mental/emotional condition.
Monitoring Report – Children – November 2016

Monitoring Report for Children – February 2017

Desired Outcomes for Adults June 2017
There will be improvement in the quality of life for adults and older adults with serious mental illness or developmental disabilities.
Monitoring Report – Adults – April 2017
Monitoring Report for Adults– June 2017
Youth Suicide Prevention Annual Report

Executive Summary of Performance

Executive Summary of Performance

VBCMHA Operating Plan Results

Operating Plan 2015-2016