Access Unit

Accessing Services
Servicios de accesso – (versión en español)

The hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Monday through Friday. Assessments usually take 1½ to 2 hours to finish.

  • Call Van Buren CMH at 657-5574 or 637-5297 to learn more aboutstarting services.
  • Come in person to the Human Services Building at 801 Hazen Street,Paw Paw to begin services.
  • Customers must be assessed through our Access System in Paw Pawto participate in CMH services.
  • After determining eligibility for services, customers receive anassessment, an emergency therapy session, or a referral to servicesoutside CMH as appropriate.
  • People with disabilities may ask for auxiliary aids and services.

Our Access Unit provides psychosocial assessments to determine what available services will be the most appropriate to meet each customer’s individual needs. Customers are actively involved in their assessments and treatment plans. During the assessment, customers participate in deciding the appropriate services at Van Buren CMH and assist in choosing the assigned provider(s). After receiving an assessment, customers are assigned to appropriate services. Customers who are assigned to Outpatient therapy receive an appointment for their first therapy session. Customers assigned to services other than Outpatient therapy will be contacted by their service provider within one week of assessment.

Children and Adolescents:

Please be aware that children under 18 years of age need their parent or legal representative/guardian to sign for permission to receive mental health services. Documentation is required to verify the legal representative or custody of the child. The court-designated legal representative needs to accompany the child in placement for the initial assessment appointment.


Fees are determined by a sliding scale as set by the Michigan Department of Community Health as well as by each customer’s insurance coverage. All fees, including co-pays, are due at the time of service unless other arrangements have been made in advance. Customers need to bring their insurance cards and proof of income with them when they come in for an assessment.  Proof of income means they should bring their most current tax return or two current pay stubs.  Otherwise, it is assumed that everyone has the ability to pay for the full cost of services, and if not, they have the responsibility to show their inability to pay full cost. Customers must make sure they are authorized for therapy, if required by their insurance company if they wish to use their health insurance for payment. Each customer’s insurance plan specifies payment, type and level of services covered. Van Buren Community Mental Health staff will assist customers in understanding their insurance benefits and how their benefits affect payment for services. Please call ahead at 657-5574 if you have any questions.